Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

How to Be a Good Employee

Of course you want to be good employee, if that true, follow the instruction below. Be good employee will raise your opportunity to get good position.

Do you want to be in your current position the rest of your life? Some think that's fine, but many say "no." Being a successful employee is similar to running a sole proprietorship with low risk and limited customers. You listen around for what your primary customers (boss) wants to get out of you. Then, you learn and actually get yourself to accomplish the requested tasks.


1. Know your employer. Decide if you are working for a company that has a motto or standard that you are comfortable with, and if the company goal is something you believe in. If you are working for an honorable establishment, then you will be treated with respect due to your position.
2. Behave professionally. This is a business, not a playground.
3. Learn to take criticism gracefully. It will provide you with valuable ideas about what people expect from you, any weak areas, and what you need to work on first.
4. Learn to do your job, and do it well. Whether it's menial and tedious, or tough and high-paying, learn how to do the job, regardless of how difficult you think it might be. Salary is most commonly based upon years of experience, tenure with the company, and your educational background.
5. Keep a clean job history. Do a good job, show up on time, keep a good attendance history.
6. Be ready to provide references from past employers. If your present employer wishes to contact your previous employer, do not deny their request. Leaving a company on good terms is always an asset to securing another job.
7. Never be on time. Always arrive early. Be at least 15 minutes early every day. That way, if you are running late, you will be on time. If you have to park far away, you will walk in and still not be late. If your client is early, you will be there to greet him or her, and not leave someone waiting for you - even if you arrive on time.
8. Ask your supervisor what the expectations for productivity are. This will immediately make you stand out from 95% of the other employees.
9. Be part of the solutions. Quit whining about what's wrong and start being vocal about what's right! A positive attitude goes a long way with many supervisors.
10. Don't drag your feet. We mean this in a literal way. Pick your feet up and walk proud, and get right to your work - don't procrastinate or let things drag up to the deadline, and then jump in to get it done in a fast flurry at the end. It makes your boss crazy.
11. Be quiet and work. Quit gossiping and get to work. Your employer is not paying you to gossip. Of course, you want to establish a good rapport with your co-workers, and a little chatting is inevitable and desirable. But spending a half hour regaling your co-workers with your previous evening's adventures will not make your boss love you. When one of you is talking a lot, two of you are not working a lot.
12. Always be productive. Don't let paper sit on your desk for days on end. Get the work done and move on to the next thing as quickly as possible.
13. Don't dress like your co-workers, dress as well or better than your boss.
14. Hold your head high and be confident. A calm, assured energy will take you much farther than carrying yourself in a hunched up ball.
15. Volunteer or be active in projects to get the job done. Don't worry about who gets credit - your boss knows much more than you think. Be a team player.
16. Don't spend a lot of time on personal phone calls. Work is for work.
17. Stay late, even if it is only 15-20 minutes. People notice who runs for the door at 5:30 pm.
18. Offer junior employees guidance and encouragement. Offer to show them the ropes or offer training tips.


* If there is a company-wide problem or complaint, take it to your HR department or open forums, if your company supports them.
* Choose carefully the subjects you wish to bring forward in these meetings. A general complaint with no backing, such as complaining about your schedule or salary will only be briefly noted, and the company may begin looking for a way to replace you. However, an honest complaint about facilities, lack of benefits, etc. might be opening the door for further discussion, and also gives you credibility if you present the matter in a mature, non-confrontational manner.


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Make Money With Your Blog

Make Money With Your BlogMake Money With Your Blog

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Minggu, 09 November 2008

Bagaimana Menjadi Sekretaris yang Baik?

Bagaimana Menjadi Sekretaris yang Baik?

* Banyak tugas tertentu. Kamu mungkin perlu bekerja dengan banyak tugas di waktu yang bersamaan yang mana kamu harus bias mengaturnya.
* Mudah menyesuaikan sikap. Kamu akan bekerja sesuai dengan gaya dari direkturmu. Itu berarti kamu juga akan memerlukan segala / semua pengetahuan yang bagus dari bisnis tempat kamu bekerja sekarang.
* Menjadi diri sendiri dan mampu untuk bergaul di segala tingkatan dari sebuah bisnis. Kamu seringkali menjadi pusat dan pokok dari koordinasi diantara departemen yang berbeda.
* Bersikap untuk maju. Mendahului suatu permintaan.
* Bisa bekerja keras dan menyampaikan / meneruskan suatu rencana. Kamu harus mampu memberikan direktur dengan suatu informasi yang benar ketika itu diperlukan.
* Menyampaikan, mengawasi, dan membagi informasi. Tidak meninggalkan apapun untuk kesempatan dan pikiranmu.

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Rabu, 22 Oktober 2008

Bagaimana berlatih etiket dan tatakrama di dunia bisnis perkantoran

Bagaimana berlatih etiket dan tatakrama di dunia bisnis perkantoran
Ada beberapa hal yang harus kita latih dalam menghadapi dunia bisnis perkantoran yaitu:
Pertama,Bisa memonitor volume dari pembicaraanmu. Pernahkah pembicaraanmu dikomentari oleh orang lain? Hal tersebut mungkin karena volume suaramu sangat keras. Oleh sebab itu jagalah volume pembicaraanmu dengan orang maupun di telepon.
Yang kedua yaitu jangan menggunakan telepon perusahaan, fax, maupun e-mail untuk hal yang pribadi dan tidak ada hubungannya dengan perusahaan.

Hal yang keempat yaitu, berbagilah informasi tentang pekerjaan secara professional lebih bagus daripada hanya senang bergosip.Janganlah membicarakan atau membeberkan masalah pribadi di kantor.
Yang kelima yaitu, menjadi peka terhadap bau busuk maupun bau yang wangi yang ada di sekitarmu.hal yang penting juga adalah kita harus selalu memakai colon dan parfum dalam segala kesempatan.
Yang keenam adalah harus menghindari makanan yang berbau tidak sedap yang bisa mengganggumu sepanjang kamu di kantor.
Hal yang ketujuh, jagalah sikap pribadimu dalam setiap langkah dunia kerjamu, tidak berperilaku yang mengganggu orang sekitar kantormu.
Yang kedelapan yaitu, patuhilah aturan di sekitar tempat kerjamu dengan sopan dan hormat.
Kesembilan yaitu, ruang yang dekat dengan dapur seperti toilet, pastikan benar-benar bersih setalah kamu memakainya.
Dan yang terkhir yaitu, peliharalah semua barang sebagaimana kondisinya seperti baru dan jika meminjam, kembalikanlah seperti semula

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Kamis, 24 Juli 2008

about us

name : Ayu mundi ari


name : Ayu mundi ari


I just girl that wan to have alot of friend in internet. Please be my friend.
my hobby is eat, and shoping.

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Minggu, 13 Juli 2008

Manage Your Energy, Manage Your Stress: Learn to Turnaround Anxiety and Depression

By Peri Enkin

I have a great dentist. He is current, caring and he does not use mercury. But that does not change the fact that for some of us being in the dentists chair can be stressful! This is especially true if you are sensitive to anesthetic like I am. Pump me up with adrenaline and I start leaving my body. I am not kidding. All of my life force rises and starts exiting out the crown of my head. This would be okay if I wanted to leave my body but the truth is I like it here. In fact I plan on sticking around for quite some time so I am not really interested in a quick exit. Since it is clear to me that where my energy goes I go, it can be challenging to lie still in the dental chair when my energy seems to be flying up and out around the ceiling.

So what to do? Last week, I sat in the dental chair and had the opportunity to experiment with a simple energy management technique that I use regularly during more relaxed situations. I wondered if I could apply it during an extreme moment of stress. I did and it worked.

Here is an Energy Management Process for managing anxiety.

Step One: First remind yourself that everything is just fine exactly as it is. We usually do not believe this is true during stressful moments. Just by telling ourselves that all is well, even if we do not believe it, begins to shift our system from anxiousness to relaxation.

Step Two: Open your Release Points. In the body there are areas where we tend to clench and tense up in an attempt to protect ourselves from harm. The paradox is that if we open up and relax tension leaves quicker. Release points are easy to open although it does take some practice at first. We have to teach ourselves that we have options and then we have to use them. Release points can be found in these locations:

The base of the spine
The palms of both hands
The bottoms of both feet
And the back of the heart right between the shoulder blades

Step Three: Direct your attention to your Grounding Point. The grounding point can be found within your personal energy system. It is located approximately twelve inches below your feet. This is not some abstract concept and with practice you will find it easily.

Step Four: Visualize a moss green globe of light at your Grounding Point. It is a great color that soothes and comforts. Even if you cannot see the color in your minds eye you can imagine what it might look like and that will do the trick.

Step Five: Direct your awareness to your grounding point and all of the energy flowing up will begin to flow downward to balance itself. This is what I did in the dentists chair last week. I closed my eyes, opened my release points and visualized a glowing globe of moss green light below my feet. I took all of my attention there and directed my energy into the globe. I literally felt all of the energy that was flowing rapidly up my body first slow down and then begin to balance with the downward flow I was creating with the focus of my attention downward. I was able to rest peacefully without moving until it was time to go home.

Anxiety and upward flowing energy is one kind of stress. Depression and downward flowing energy is another kind. For depression you can do the very same process in reverse. There is a point approximately twelve inches above your head and still in your own personal energy system. I call this point the Contact Point. The color I use there is soft blue. When you feel depleted, worn out or depressed use this visualization and you will notice a shift.

Here is the same Energy Management Process for depression.

Step One: Remind yourself that everything is just fine exactly as it is.
Step Two: Open your Release Points
Step Three: Direct your attention to your Contact Point
Step Four: Visualize a soft blue globe of light at your Contact Point
Step Five: Direct your awareness to your contact point and all of the energy flowing down will begin to flow upward to balance itself

It does not matter if you feel energy or not. Just imagine you are moving energy and you will eventually gain the sensitivity you need to manage shifts in your mood. We are powerful energetic beings. Learning to use our energy to manage our own stress plugs us back in to our own energy source of wellness and reconnects us to our personal power.

About the author

Peri is the Founder of Creators Choice - Online School for Whole Life Fulfillment and supports clients worldwide to experience freedom in love and to claim their own power. Visit for free gifts to enjoy right now. from

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How To Use Affirmations Effectively

By Tim Grice

When you have become clear about what goals you wish to achieve in life there are many powerful strategies you can use to make them a reality. One of those strategies is affirmations.

An affirmation is a statement made that describes a goal as if it is already completed. The purpose of it is to command your subconscious mind to start the process of change in your life, helping you move closer to your goals.

When affirmations are purposefully structure and implemented correctly they can vastly accelerate the progress in ones goals.

Eventually if repeated adequately the affirmation will reach your subconscious mind, and as if it is your personal coach whisper words of encouragement to you even though you will never be aware of it.

Some common components should be include in any new affirmation.Affirmations should only relate to yourself and your desires.Always begin with the words I am or I will these are directive words which will increase the power of the affirmation.

It must be stated positively and in the present tense, do not use negative language such dont or cant.Be specific to the goal and brief and ensure it is easy to remember this all helps build rhythm which will help install it in your mind.

Try and use words that express emotions and bring about feelings of excitement and fulfilment.You should always try to visualize your goals and then back them up with powerful affirmations which should be repeated over and over again. You are programming your sub conscious mind to lead you towards your goal. I like to do my affirmations whilst exercising as this stimulates the intensity of the emotion.

I have a routine every morning where I will wake up at 5am and straight away throw on my work out gear and begin to move. I think of my goals and imagine I am living in the benefits of them. I then affirm them whilst I am running either on the treadmill or on the street. This routine and the resulting affirmations have helped me guide many areas of my life into success. I have changed physical aspects about myself, I used them to start my business and grow it to 150000 a year in the first year. I truly believe in the power of affirmations and the way in which they can help us reach our goals.The results of powerful affirmations can be amazing and will help you guide your life in the directions you wish to go.

About the author

Tim Grice is a successful entreprenuer who runs various online business. He is dedicated to personal developement and growth and achieving success in life.

Tim Grice from

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