Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

Make Money With Your Blog

Make Money With Your BlogMake Money With Your Blog

Why you make blog?? Why you spend your time to blogging?? Of course for money. Is that true? Of course that's all true. All people make blog to give her more money to buy anything that he need. So do I, I make blog to give me extra money. So the true reason you make blog is to get money. Money not come by himself to our bank account, we need more action to make that happen. Make money will easy for master blogger, because they spend their time to online and learning how to get money from the internet. But for us, we need to start learning from beginning to get money. We need to spend a lot of time to be like them.

But, we have one solution to do the same. Of course you need your blog as the money machine; you need your blog to get money. There a lot of way to get money from your blog. You can get money from sell product from advertise, you put their banner and they will pay you every month. Of course the advertise will chose blog that have high page rank and Alexa rank. But if we didn’t have a blog that have good page rank and Alexa, what can we do to get money?? Like what I say, that is a lot of way to get money. This is the solution to get money without good page rank and alexa. You just need blog that already three month. If you already have you can start monetize blog. Register to the correct place and you will get money from your post. You just need to review the site from advertise, and boom… you will get paid to post. Don forget to always checking your Opportunities to get money.

OK… don’t waste your time again, let start get paid to blog. Make your blogging activity more fun and get money start from now… Happy blogging my friend, hope you will get more than I get.

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