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How To Use Affirmations Effectively

By Tim Grice

When you have become clear about what goals you wish to achieve in life there are many powerful strategies you can use to make them a reality. One of those strategies is affirmations.

An affirmation is a statement made that describes a goal as if it is already completed. The purpose of it is to command your subconscious mind to start the process of change in your life, helping you move closer to your goals.

When affirmations are purposefully structure and implemented correctly they can vastly accelerate the progress in ones goals.

Eventually if repeated adequately the affirmation will reach your subconscious mind, and as if it is your personal coach whisper words of encouragement to you even though you will never be aware of it.

Some common components should be include in any new affirmation.Affirmations should only relate to yourself and your desires.Always begin with the words I am or I will these are directive words which will increase the power of the affirmation.

It must be stated positively and in the present tense, do not use negative language such dont or cant.Be specific to the goal and brief and ensure it is easy to remember this all helps build rhythm which will help install it in your mind.

Try and use words that express emotions and bring about feelings of excitement and fulfilment.You should always try to visualize your goals and then back them up with powerful affirmations which should be repeated over and over again. You are programming your sub conscious mind to lead you towards your goal. I like to do my affirmations whilst exercising as this stimulates the intensity of the emotion.

I have a routine every morning where I will wake up at 5am and straight away throw on my work out gear and begin to move. I think of my goals and imagine I am living in the benefits of them. I then affirm them whilst I am running either on the treadmill or on the street. This routine and the resulting affirmations have helped me guide many areas of my life into success. I have changed physical aspects about myself, I used them to start my business and grow it to 150000 a year in the first year. I truly believe in the power of affirmations and the way in which they can help us reach our goals.The results of powerful affirmations can be amazing and will help you guide your life in the directions you wish to go.

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Tim Grice is a successful entreprenuer who runs various online business. He is dedicated to personal developement and growth and achieving success in life.

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